Minissha Lamba And Her Lover Akash Malik Are Now In A Live-in Relationship; She Says, ‘It’s Exciting And Beautiful’ Exclusive! Hindi Movie News

Minissha Lamba remains relatively discreet when it comes to her love life. Regardless of her marital status, we are rooting for her. Minissha Lamba married Ryan Tham on July 6, 2015. He is a restaurateur and owner of Juhu nightclub ‘Trilogy’. The couple had announced the finalisation of their divorce proceedings in August last year.

The actress shared that she always wanted to explore the medium of television, and decided to take the opportunity when she got it. When asked if she’s open to the idea of finding love again, Minissha revealed that she is currently in a relationship. While she didn’t divulge many details about her partner, she did call him a “lovely person.” Actor Minissha Lamba revealed that she was cheated on when she was in a relationship with an actor but chalked it up to his flirtatious nature, rather than his profession.

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In a previous interview, Minissha revealed that she vowed to not date anyone from the film industry again. Now, around a year after her divorce, Minissha has revealed why her marriage could not be a ‘happily ever after’. Actor Minissha Lamba has stayed away from the limelight for quite some time now. Having last appeared in the TV show, Internet Wala Love, it has been over three years since she starred in any show or film.

Minissha Lamba And Her Husband Ryan Tham’s 3 Years Of Marriage Is Probably In Trouble?

Minissha Lamba said it was an amicable decision and none of them are holding any grudges. And while, many people let divorces affect them as they resist opening themselves to healing, Minissha decided to allow love back in her life. “Currently, I’m in a happy relationship with a lovely person,” she said in an interview.

Everybody used to appreciate me at school when my ads were aired on TV. It felt like someone waved a magic wand and people believed that there was only one truth. I was shocked to see people’s reaction and how they came to a conclusion without an investigation.

She went on to add that marriage does not complete a person’s life and that there are many other important aspects in one’s life that one needs to focus on. However, she accepted that women are usually “recognised” by their relationship status and that is unfortunate, she said. She hopes with time, more and more people will start normalising walking out of wrong relationships or marriage.

Minissha Lamba’s birth sign is Capricorn and she has a ruling planet of Saturn.

In this industry, taking care of mental health is very important. As we earlier discussed, that it is no less than a battleground. You are still the charming person and great actor, but you may not be offered work for ten reasons. As I said, it is a financially insecure industry. One has to take mental health seriously because you are always competing here.

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They apparently moved in together a few days ago, and prior to that, they’d jetted off for a romantic holiday in Goa. Lamba confirmed saying that it is exciting, lovely and beautiful. I don’t give much importance to what people say or think. I live by the value system that only the people who are very important, their opinions matter. I think that attitude helps a lot in being happy.

Why Minissha Lamba Won’t Date Within The Entertainment Industry: Was Cheated On By An Actor

However, people of Goat, Horse, and Dog signs should be avoided when choosing a partner. See today’s front and back pages, download the newspaper, order back issues and use the historic Daily Express newspaper archive. On being asked if she has been snubbed for not acting on the proposal, Minissha said, “Yes, one or two times, it happened. And then those projects didn’t take off only.” Minissha Lamba tied the knot with businessman
Ryan Tham on July 6 in a hush-hush ceremony at a city court in the
presence of family members of the groom and bride, followed by a private launch

She also said that she has decided not to date anyone from the film industry again. Minissha Lamba said, “The reason why I would always shy away from wanting to date anyone from the industry, not just actors, was just this. Because there is so much temptation around all the time”. The 36-year-old actress was previously married to restaurateur Ryan Tham, however, last year the couple legally separated. Minissha, in an interview to RJ Siddharth Kanna, said, “In one relationship which I had with an actor, yes. But I think only because the personality of the person was such that they were a big flirt.” In her recent interview whilst opening up on her divorce, previous relationships and so on, Bollywood actress Minissha Lamba reveals that her ex was a big flirt.