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In September 2020, she returned to ESA as the Head of Policy and Programmes Coordination department at ESA. Today she is Professor of Space Propulsion at the Technical University of Munich in Germany and Chief Operating Officer of Neuraspace. She holds a degree in aeronautical engineering from Imperial College London , a masters degree in “space studies” from the International Space University in Strasbourg and a PhD from German University of Aachen . Luisa holds a PhD in Aerospace Engineering and a Master’s degree , also in Aerospace Engineering. She was involved in mission studies for satellite constellations for six years for DLR, in Germany, and spent six months at MIT as a research intern. She holds an Amelia Earhart Fellowship from 2016 and is part of the Space Traffic Management technical committee of the International Astronautical Federation.

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Dr. Rosenberg is a co-founder of Wavestream Corporation, a leading manufacturer of SSPAs, BUCs, and transceivers for satellite communications. Charity received her Bachelor of Engineering in mechanical engineering from the Royal Military College of Canada and a Master of Science in space science from the University of North Dakota. She is an alumnus of the International Space University Summer Session Program. Electrical and Computer Engineering – both from the Georgia Institute of Technology.

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Today’s modern militaries and government agencies depend on an ability to leverage high-definition data for real-time decision-making. The surge in demand for complex, accurate, and multi-dimensional data is driving innovation in 3D mapping from space. During this session, you’ll learn about the complex network of systems, sensors, and satellites that are taking visual data to another level and helping end-users succeed in their critical missions on the ground.

In his role, Marshall oversees the development of Voyager’s customer-focused commercial space stations, lunar platforms, and additional supporting systems. He also works across Voyager’s operating companies to develop technical solutions to advance human exploration capabilities in LEO, cislunar and beyond. Cyrus Dhalla is sector Vice President and General Manager of the Tactical Space Systems division for Northrop Grumman’s Space Systems sector, a premier provider of space and launch systems serving national security, civil and commercial customers. In this role, Dhalla leads the division with responsibility for the company’s national security satellites, civil and commercial satellites and spacecraft, and space services. Xavier Lobao accumulates more than 35 years of professional experience in the space sector, primarily in satellite telecommunications.

Most importantly, both sides have existing infrastructure that, when integrated, can effectively build out envisioned 5G networks at reduced costs. Can satellite and cellular industry business models align along with the technology? During this session, leaders from both industries will answer these questions and engage in a debate over the benefits and challenges of this new working relationship. There is no air traffic control in space and no legal international framework to manage space traffic. The world currently relies on commercially provided “space situational” or “space domain” awareness data to track satellites, dangerous debris, and military action in space. This session will start with explaining the importance of broad collaboration on space awareness and then highlight key advancements in space awareness and tracking capabilities, including advanced AI and machine learning algorithms.

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The company provides a spectrum of services in satellite, broadcast, content distribution, telemetry tracking & equipment co-location. It has become a trusted partner for hundreds of respected clients and their projects worldwide. Dr. Holasek is a Technologist at Corning Advanced Optics with an extensive background in hyperspectral sensors, systems, and applications, who is responsible for new business and technology development. NOVASOL was a high technology company that specialized in the design, development, and deployment of electro/optical (E/O) systems with an emphasis on hyperspectral and free space optical communications for defense, environmental, medical, homeland security and industrial applications. Burnett works as a member of the sector’s leadership team, defining the business approach to terrestrial and space sustainability, as well as partnering with the larger space community on Future Space. Prior to his tenure at Google he led engineering programs at Cisco and space communications programs at NASA.

Etsy is no longer supporting older versions of your web browser in order to ensure that user data remains secure. Go on a virtual date rebecca me Ariane Click here to begin Basically this is a choose ariane own dating style. The deaf and mute Avercamp was one of the first Dutch artists to specialize in winter scenes, filled with people skating, riding ice sleighs, and playing kolf . Avercamp shows people from meetic forgot password all walks of life enjoying these games and includes a number of anecdotal incidents, from skaters falling on the ice to a man relieving himself behind a tree. ​Education and visual literacy is at the heart of the Museum of Art’s mission to incorporate the arts into our everyday shared experience. The Toledo Museum of Art’s collection is one of the finest in the country and is free of charge to the public.

He received his BS and MSEE from the University of Illinois and holds a patent the area of cognitive, software-defined radio as applied to cellular communications. Dr. Holasek has 30 years of industry experience in E/O technology and applications, particularly hyperspectral. He excels at fostering key relationships with multiple and varied organizations in state and federal government, in local, national, and international businesses and academic institutions. Dr. Holasek has a unique background of concept innovation, technical leadership, program development, performance, and management of R&D through fixed-price product delivery programs in support of a wide range of commercial and defense applications. He has extensive experience in mechanical/optical assemblies and multi/hyperspectral systems for remote sensing in ultraviolet, visible, near and thermal infrared, and lasers with orbital, airborne and ground-based instruments.

In this role, Gary is applying his diverse background in entrepreneurship, capital markets, and corporate finance to building a key component of the next industrial revolution, now emerging in space. With a BA in Economics from the University of Colorado and a Charter from the CFA Institute, Gary took action with his lifelong passion for space by graduating from the ISU Space Studies Program in 2017 and now works to help lay the foundation for a sustainable human presence beyond Earth. In Management with specialization in Air and Space Strategic Studies from the University of Maryland.

Their main competitors are global operators, who are deploying larger, complex, and more threatening multi-orbit constellations. The CEOs on this session will explain how they’ve prepared to compete with constellations in the long term and provide high-quality, low-cost services that evolve and remain attractive to their customers. The demand for environmental monitoring from space, especially the ability to track methane emissions in our atmosphere and monitor leaks, is surging. Many are turning to new hyperspectral and high-definition satellite imagery technologies that can help detect, measure, and track environmental changes with precision. This session will explain how hyperspectral and high-definition satellite imagery technologies work within Low Earth Orbit remote sensing systems.

Additionally, he is an active and recognizable figure in space exploration and disability advocacy sectors. Mr. Mowry is also the founder and Chairman Emeritus of the Future Space Leaders Foundation, a non-profit organization dedicated to the career development of next generation space and satellite industry professionals. Prior to his current position, Reid was the director of the O3b mPOWER satellite program where he led the Boeing team responsible for the development and execution of an advanced 11-satellite constellation for SES. With a PhD in Optical Communications, and BSc from Manchester Metropolitan University, UK, JP’s experience is vast and varied.