A User’s Guide: How To Talk To Those Hesitant About The Covid-19 Vaccine

Kindness and non-judgmentalism will get you far when talking to them. Kaye said people who answered that they would get a COVID-19 shot got more “likes” than those who said no. He said 40% of Millennial and Gen Z-aged OKCupid users would cancel a date with someone who wouldn’t take a vaccine. The figure was 18% higher for women compared with men. Most OKCupid daters are straight, but LGBTQ + people use the platform too. Top editors give you the stories you want — delivered right to your inbox each weekday.

Ask for specific reasons why they don’t want the vaccine. For the latest COVID-19 information, visitvcuhealth.org/covid-19. “There’s a whole issue about how many doses of the vaccine you get, because you do need two doses for most of these vaccines,” he said. Some younger people in the US have been able to get a shot by queuing up outside pharmacies for leftover doses. Vaccine trial participants are another group of younger people who have been able to get a shot before others. Tinder said it has seen a 258% increase in profile mentions of vaccines between September and December, Tyla reported.

Ostrowski, who regularly scrolls through her feed on social media site Reddit, stumbled upon the forum r/HermanCainAward. It’s a grim section of the app dedicated to showing visitors the real-life consequences of being unvaccinated and catching the coronavirus. Vaccine envy is becoming increasingly prevalent, and it’s especially intense when the object of your envy is lying next to you in bed, or dropping the kids off at school.

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Our data shows that people who say they won’t get the COVID-19 vaccine are consistently younger than people who say they definitely will. In our latest wave, young respondents are more than twice as likely as older respondents to not want the vaccine. Nearly half (47%) of those under 30 are rejectors, compared with just 17% of those over 50. The kinds of people who say they won’t take the vaccine or haven’t decided about taking the vaccine are wide and varied.

Slightly more than 50% of respondents were women, and slightly less than 50% were men, and 82% were heterosexual. No survey respondents identified as nonbinary or a self-identified gender. Nobody wants to move during the pandemic, especially an 89-year-old. But mostly, I hope you’re able to stay strong during this time.

We’ve all been taking the pandemic seriously and all know someone who has passed due to COVID. I have such a hard time reconciling her beliefs with the serious nature of this global pandemic. My friends and I are debating talking to her and addressing it directly, but we’re afraid that will lead to a blowup. It’s difficult to lose a friend to the spread of misinformation and fear-mongering.

I Broke Up With My Boyfriend Because He Refused to Wear a Mask

If you have legit health fears, ok that makes sense. Like yea keep them away from your elderly parents. But otherwise, get a clue and stop being brainwashed. You’ve acknowledged this since you literally live with an unvaxxed person. I personally believe that the government should encourage vaccination but not require it and make sure the statistics and risks are clearly expressed, and individuals should make the decision for themselves. I don’t believe too much in many conspiracy theories.

Pop culture is more fragmented, and few beloved influencers have near-universal appeal. You could talk about mRNA, spike proteins, and viral vectors until the cows come home, but that knowledge might not be the best thing to draw on when you’re talking to people who are vaccine hesitant. Public health messaging has consistently portrayed the vaccines are safe and effective, and therefore everyone eligible should get vaccinated. But companies like Moderna and Pfizer are protected from lawsuits related to their COVID-19 vaccines until 2024. The reported adverse events and risks of the authorized COVID-19 vaccines are rare, and most people don’t seem to have any serious adverse reactions.

I’d like to save the embarrassment and not date people that have that kind of different view than me. Plus I wouldn’t want to put them in that situation. On the other hand, some were taken off guard by all the government involvement — presumably they were referring to shutdowns, and mask and vaccine mandates — and decried what they called a lack of freedom. “It’s like collectively, people haven’t learned anything from history,” one said.

As the United States screams past 500,000 fatalities, the choice between a deadly disease and a shot in the arm might seem like the easiest decision in the world. Still, survey respondents who were vaccinated were more likely to consider a date’s vaccination status important than those https://onlinedatingcritic.com/ who were not vaccinated. Of vaccinated respondents, 58% said that getting the shot was important consideration for dating, whereas of unvaccinated respondents, only 9% said the same. It sounds like if your dad’s roommate was vaccinated, you’d be more OK with the living situation.

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In this column, he shares different ways to encourage skeptical family members to get the COVID vaccine. In order to apply for full FDA approval, a company needs to show at least six months of data. Since Pfizer now has that, recently submitted an application for full approval. The FDA is expected to take at least a few weeks to review it, according to NBC News. The former president has also remained mum on promoting it. And this vagueness only fuels the skepticism and conspiratorial thinking held by his base, who share a wariness of authority figures and big government.

Vaccine hesitancy — and outright refusal — is reflected in issues of health equity, according to public health experts. Racial disparities in medical treatment and access and ineffective public communication could affect people’s trust in the health care system. Older adults without digitally savvy caretakers are being left behind in the vaccine rollout, as are those without access to private transportation methods. Throughout his youth, Carlson recalls his parents as very health-conscious people, who received annual flu shots and fully vaccinated his brother and him. “They have not been skeptical about vaccines in general,” he said. “They aren’t on social media, but they do watch Fox News and may be influenced by other residents in the building.” His parents live in a rural and conservative town, he said, and some of their neighbors disdain wearing masks.