The Real Life Partners Of The Cast Of Lucifer

You might also recognize him as Clark Kent from the hit seriesSmallville. Welling married equestrian and Saddle Club founder Jessica Rose Lee on November 30, 2019, in San Ynez, California. Ellis also has a teenage daughter, Nora, from a previous relationship. If you believe we have used your copyrighted content without permission, send us an email at and we will remove it immediately. But whether or not that dream comes to fruition remains to be hopefully seen in part 2 of season 5.

That turns out to be right on the money as it is in fact Lucifer’s twin brother Michael, who has taken his place on Earth with the intention of causing trouble. Eve struggles to get over being dumped by Lucifer and ends up in an unholy alliance with Father Kinley. When he turns on her, she kills him in self-defence and summons a demon to possess his corpse, in the hope it will compel Lucifer to return to hell with her. However, the demons have turned on Lucifer during his time roaming Earth and attempt to replace him by kidnapping Amenadiel’s infant son, with the intention of raising him as the next Lord of Hell. They achieve their goal as, after sobering up, the Detective calls off the wedding and returns Pierce’s ring.

However, as the seasons progressed, it embraced the more fantastical elements of its source material. The real Lucifer returns to Earth in episode three, after Amenadiel informs him of Michael’s misdeeds. Following a brutal confrontation between the two brothers, Lucifer sets to work piecing his life back together. He and Chloe become close once again, as the Detective has recovered from her initial shock about his true identity.

The chemistry between the characters has been there from the start, but it took the couple a long time to finally act upon their feelings. Even after doing so, it’s been quite the bumpy road for the pair who have had to overcome obstacle after obstacle on their path to being together. In Season 5, Lucifer returns from Hell after discovering that his identical twin brother, the Archangel Michael, pretended to be the Devil as part of a horrid revenge scheme. Luckily, Chloe was able to sense pretty quickly that something was off about Michael, and it wasn’t long until he was caught. When Lucifer returns to Chloe’s side, they finally become a romantic couple, and the only thing that she truly desires is for him to tell her he loves her. Lucifer season five is expected to be returning to Netflix later this year with its final eight episodes.

Break Up: They’re Never Sure About Their Feelings

Maybe Lucifer’s dad does know why his son can’t just own up to his feelings at last. The possibility of Chloe having magical abilities is closely related to Lucifer’s vulnerability around her. Now, since we know that his vulnerability was a result of his subconscious choice because he had started to care for her, there seems to be a lot to unpack with regards to how Chloe really affects Lucifer.

When they saw each other late at night, Lucifer and Chloe sorted some of their issues they had during the entire case. In “¡Diablo!”, after initially believing Lucifer to be his deceptive and manipulative twin brother Michael , he and Chloe are finally reunited. However Chloe is dismayed when Lucifer confirms Michael’s previous statement that God made Chloe’s conception possible causing their relationship to become strained. Chloe then starts to believe that her feelings for Lucifer may be a result of God’s influence. After Lucifer has a confrontation with Michael and learns that Michael may’ve manipulated Lucifer into his sexual encounter with Adam and Eve, his rebellion, and even his arrival in Los Angles.

Nonetheless, they only share a kiss before casework comes in between. This continues for most of the latest season, until Chloe and Lucifer finally sleep together, fundamentally changing their relationship. We’re, of course, referring to Chloe and Lucifer — or Deckerstar as we adoringly refer to them as — whose love story has been the beating heart of the show from the very first episode of the series.

While Ella Lopez star Aimee Garcia also keeps her personal life to herself and is seemingly not in a relationship. As a result of the chemistry between the pair, as well as the other members of the cast, some have been wondering if the romance transfers into real life as well. Since season one was first broadcast, viewers have been hoping Detective Chloe Decker and Lucifer Morningstar will get together. One of the highlights of the show has been the sizzling chemistry between Lucifer and Detective Chloe Decker.

Per Brides, Gilbert proposed to Brandt with “a beach proposal and impromptu engagement party” in 2014, but the surprises were far from over. The groom also ensured that the bride’s deceased grandfather could be a part of the festivities. “He had melted down two rings … and used the gold to make a pendant with the word ‘appeltjie’ engraved on it. It means ‘little apple’ and was my late grandfather’s nickname for me,” Brandt explained. Chloe and Lucifer’s relationship is the definition of “opposites attract.” Chloe is uptight and afraid to let her guard down, while Lucifer doesn’t have an ounce of shame in his body.

Do Lucifer and Chloe Get Together?

We do not get a glimpse at “Deckerstar’s” relationship, but it is safe to assume that Lucifer and Chloe get together. In the first half of season 5, Lucifer’s evil twin brother, Micheal, arrives on earth and tries to take over Lucifer’s life. However, Chloe sees through his guise and helps Lucifer in his fight against his brother. In the season 5 finale, titled ‘A Chance at a Happy Ending,’ during the final battle with Micheal, Chloe is stabbed by Micheal and dies.

Every time they go out into the field, Lucifer is risking his life because he chooses to be near her. But Lucifer consistently puts himself on the line for Chloe, even though he knows the consequences of his actions. When a suspect throws an ax at her, Lucifer pushes Chloe out of the way and almost gets hit. Being around Chloe makes Lucifer so emotionally vulnerable that he loses his ability to heal. The latest season featured the retirement of God, a lot of broken hearts and mending relationships, ambitious Angels, and the Devil taking it upon himself to right the wrongs of his dear ol’ dad, God.

Lucifer tries to convince Chloe he’s the devil by asking her to shoot him, which, surprisingly she does. But because Lucifer is vulnerable around Chloe the bullet hurts him like it would any normal human. The prophecy claimed that “when the devil walks the Earth and finds his first love, evil shall be released,” but it was up in the air who exactly Lucifer’s first love was. He rekindled his relationship with Eve during Season 4, and it seemed possible that she was the one the prophecy was referring to. Chloe and Lucifer are like a modern-day take onThe Beauty and the Beast.

Throughout the season, she will remind Lucifer of his evil ways and viewers will get to see this devil being torn in many directions. Put another way, Eve is definitely going to be stirring the pot and starting some drama. After FOX canceled Lucifer last year, fans were feeling so disheveled they started a #SaveLucifer campaign that went absolutely viral on Twitter. Luckily, Netflix jumped in to Spotted Dating App text save the show and the day, and offered to take the series under its wing and release Season 4 on their streaming platform. Although marketed as a dark fantasy crime series, Lucifer is mainly about the love story between the titular character and Chloe Decker. Despite Lucifer Morningstar’s status as the devil, Chloe has fallen in true love with him, which Lucifer has reciprocated wholeheartedly.

Additionally, Chloe recognizes that Maze is not all bad, as she has moments of compassion and loyalty towards Lucifer. As a result, Chloe eventually sees Maze as a necessary ally in her detective work. Initially, Maze and Chloe have a somewhat hostile relationship, mainly because Maze feels that Chloe is an obstacle in her close relationship with Lucifer.